Maple Hill is switching its online database from Church Life to Breeze.  This change will occur over the next six weeks, beginning Sunday, March 12, 2017. At that point, Church Life will no longer be active, but do not despair.  If you have used Church Life over the last three months, then your Breeze account has already been set up.  If you have not used Church Life over the past three months and want to access the online Maple Hill church Directory, see Mike Wamble, and he can set you up with Breeze.

How to log in…

Download Breeze on your phone or tablet from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple)

OR you may also connect online from your computer at

If asked, the Church ID is… Maple Hill

Your User Name will be YOUR first and last name with no spaces… Example – joebrown

Your Password will be YOUR first and last name with capitals with 102 added…  Example – JoeBrown102
(The 102 represents our address – 102 Maple Hill Road)