In the fall of 2012, Maple Hill established a Jail Correspondence Course ministry for the inmates of Wilson County Jail. Some of our members spend time teaching the Bible to inmates in their cells  at the jail. An average of approximately 80 inmates are actively involved in the courses at a time.
The Bible correspondence ministry was received very well by the inmates and jail personnel and grew rapidly. Seven members of the congregation volunteered to be graders of the courses and are a very dedicated group. Following the completion of three courses (21 lessons), the student receives an engraved large print Bible and a completion certificate from the church. Following this, the inmates have four other courses (72 lessons) available, in which many inmates continue. Several inmates have confided that this is the first Bible they have ever owned. Several hundred inmates have been reached with the Word through this ministry with approximately 50 resulting in baptism. Many inmates continue the courses after their release and include family members. A jail guard’s interest was piqued when he saw all the inmate bible courses in the mail. At this time both he and his wife are taking the correspondence courses.
Many people have been introduced to the Truth through this ministry. In addition to the Bible correspondence courses, Maple Hill Church also has two members who teach a weekly “From Jail to Society type of course” at the Wilson County Jail. All the members of our congregation who are involved with the jail ministry are very dedicated and enthusiastic in their effort to reach out with the Word.


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