mhygWe try to model our youth group with Romans 14 and 15 as key passages echoing Paul’s call for unity in Christ, and we reference those chapters often. Maple Hill draws teens from many different schools; eight different high schools this year alone, not to mention the many middle schools represented. Thus unity and respect for the many different paths that bring teens together here is a topic we discuss on many occasions.

We try to balance our youth with time spent in four categories of involvement:

EDUCATION: We have very many knowledgeable men and women here at Maple Hill, and we try to incorporate their talents into the teaching of our young people, not only the scriptures, but how to apply them in their lives.
SERVICE: Whether it’s mowing a widow’s yard, cutting firewood, taking food to the homeless, or cleaning the house of someone in need, our youth are always stepping to the plate to help.
UPLIFTING: Mission trips, youth rallies, Evangelism University, retreats, and church camps -- all helping to bring us closer to God.
FUN: Kings Island, Six Flags, canoeing, camping/hiking trips, volleyball, lock-ins, go-karts -- you name it, if it’s fun we’re there! Most importantly our youth want to stand out -- they even named our teen room, “THE SUMMIT” in reference to Matthew 5:14, “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”. In our opinion, a youth group should not be hidden, either - but rather stand out and make a difference for Christ.

For more information on our youth group, please contact our Youth Minister, Ben Herchenhahn.

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