Maple Hill has been blessed to partner in mission efforts around the world. We believe that when Christ gave the Great Commission of going into the entire world, it applies to us as well as those of the first century. Through the years, our efforts have taken us to places in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and remote islands in the South Pacific. With each work, we have seen congregations be planted, strengthened and even become self-sufficient, planting other congregations.

The mission efforts of Maple Hill have given our entire congregation an opportunity to get involved in a variety of ways. Many of our number have gone on short-term mission efforts. Others have gone on building projects or medical mission brigades. Some of our members have gone into communities, knocking on doors, trying to set up Bible studies. Many others have involved themselves in the Magi Project making certain that children in third-world countries have gifts during the Christmas season. Still others have spent time in praying for the various efforts that we have been involved with.

One of the greatest blessings of our efforts in missions is getting to know our missionaries we financially support around the world. We stay in touch by email and through Skype with these individuals. Through technology, we learn of needs, successes, and efforts of our missionaries. We know better what to pray for. From time to time, we are able to bring a missionary from the field and let them personally meet the family here. Encounters of this nature are not only a blessing to the missionary but also to the Maple Hill Family.

Our missionaries often tell us how much they love the family at Maple Hill. We hear of them praying for us on a regular basis. Won’t it be grand to one day be with them forever and ever, celebrating our victory over Satan and hearing the words “Well done…”

Watch the video below to see first-hand how a medical mission trip with Maple Hill works.


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